I must shout out to the world that Marisa Anaya has changed my life.
I originally came to Marisa because of her sterling reputation in cosmetic acupuncture and holistic facial rejuvenation. That reputation is definitely well-deserved, as I now look younger with facial muscles that have regained their youthful integrity as well as an overall vibrant appearance I thought I could never recapture.
However, what makes Marisa such an extraordinary practitioner, is that she is so much more than a superb cosmetic acupuncturist. Marisa has found a way to blend her expert knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with her interest and expertise in Functional Medicine and Nutrition, such that my nagging medical symptoms have now been completely gone for over a year. Thanks to Marisa's skills, compassion and knowledge, combined with her comprehensive approach to health and wellness, I have regained my health, energy and positive outlook on life.

Annaliisa McGlinn, MD

Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

I am so happy that I chose to forego Botox in favor of Marisa’s acupuncture and facial rejuvenation sessions. My skin responded beautifully to the treatments and I was thrilled to choose this natural route. After getting to know Marisa, I chose to confide in her about the significant stress I was experiencing and the resulting chronic ache in my abdomen. She explained that acupuncture could help that too. I must admit, my thought was, “Good luck. This stomach pain has plagued me for over twenty years.” However, after Marisa’s treatment, the pain was gone. I was very happy, but again skeptical and expected the familiar ache to return. It did not, and has not, even in extremely challenging times. I originally went to Marisa to look more youthful, which happened, but I also ended up gaining a newfound, pain-free lease on life.

Paula B.

Former model

Seeing Marisa is a truly nourishing experience. With the most unbelievably kind, gentle spirit, she is a true gem - extremely knowledgeable, uplifting, generous, supportive and an overall wonderful person.

Marisa doesn’t just treat the symptom, she treats the whole self. The acufacial treatments are relaxing and the results I get are astounding. Not only do they make me feel and look good, but I also leave her office feeling empowered, with a huge improvement in my energy levels, mood, and overall wellness.
Always many steps ahead of current trends in beauty and wellness, Marisa has gone above and beyond to help me. She has taught me so much and was a catalyst for a major lifestyle overhaul.
While I now live across the country, on my trips back to New York, Marisa is my first phone call.

Eileen C.

Fashion Writer

Marisa is the most talented acupuncturist I have ever seen! She is a bit of a magician. Marisa has helped me rebalance my body after health challenges, heal old scars and soften facial wrinkles. I always leave her treatments feeling better and looking better than when I arrived. She takes great pride in her work and brings energy, focus and expertise to her treatments. I feel so lucky to have found her!

Stacy C.

Marketing Executive

I have been a client of Marisa Anaya's for ten years and can say without a doubt that both her acupuncture and acufacial treatments have literally changed my life. After being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer at age 42, I was at my wits end as to when I would start feeling healthy again. Western medicine just wanted to treat me with medications and I needed a caring practitioner to get to the root of my health issues. Marisa, with her encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese medicine, was my answer. She treated me with such care and truly listened to my medical history and knew exactly how to form a treatment plan. All my symptoms have been eradicated, and I'm in the best health of my life. She has significantly reduced my hot flashes, and her expertise in scar therapy has meant that the scars from two surgeries have completely softened and all the numbness is gone.
As for her facial rejuvenation treatments, let’s just say that I know I don't look my 55 years. After a series of treatments, I have no wrinkles, no uneven skin tone, just beautiful glowing skin. So dramatic was the difference that my mom remarked on how great my skin was looking and she wanted to try it too. Well at 85 years young she, thanks to Marisa, she doesn't look a day over 65. The results are truly remarkable: cheekbones lifted and no more fine lines. It was a great day when I met Marisa and now I have sent many friends to her who all equally love her treatments.

Lisa Alexander

Professional Musician

I decided to take several sessions of acupuncture to stimulate an area on my face affected by nerve damage. Upon arrival at the clinic, I met Marisa and I knew right away that I was in good hands. Her dedication to the science of acupuncture is reinforced by the ease with which she performs the microcurrent procedure. She is not only an excellent practitioner, but a very open and friendly confidant. I see consistent results as time goes on. For anyone considering acupuncture or microcurrent, rest assured - you will be well taken care of!

Connor Vilaca

Actor, Musician, Dancer

It's been over ten years since I started acupuncture wellness sessions with Marisa. She always creates a welcoming, supportive and calming atmosphere that immediately sets me at ease. Not only has her expertise been indispensable in helping reduce my hot flashes, her facial rejuvenation services are AMAZING. Marisa’s warm personality and clear knowledge of Eastern tradition are a gift that everyone needs to experience.

Fran A.

Financial Analyst

Why did I start seeing Marisa for acupuncture? I really hoped it would add to my wellbeing. But never in my wildest thoughts did it occur to me how much it would help. After all I’m in my 80’s and I just couldn’t believe after the first treatment how my body positively responded. My “brain fog” has cleared and I can actually feel that my blood circulation has improved immeasurably in my limbs. My body has found a new balance that I haven't felt in a very long time.
Now that I've started getting cosmetic acupuncture, it truly is remarkable. Relaxing, exhilarating and awakening all at the same time, my face and skin tone have improved 100%. No more sagging dull skin, just pure glowing.
Yes, there are GOLDEN years after all!



I began to suffer from severe chronic fatigue when I was 22 and worked tirelessly with my parents - both doctors - to find a reason behind my symptoms. Over three years I saw internal medicine specialists, neurologists, psychiatrists, allergists, you name it. I tried dietary changes, gluten-free, non-dairy, high protein. I tried caffeine, thyroid hormone supplements, daily vitamins, vitamin shots, B12 supplements, and iron. Nothing worked. I saw a plethora of doctors but then I was referred to Marisa Anaya for acupuncture. After one visit I was a convert, and after only eight weeks the positive effects of the treatments were truly astounding. I now have the energy to last me through the day, exercise vigorously, and take part in multiple daily activities rather than having to bow out early. Marisa Anaya is everything one could want in a practitioner: engaged, knowledgeable, and deeply invested in helping her patients lead healthier lives. She is a gem in NYC that I frequently rave about!

Leila B.

Marketing Specialist

I am so grateful for Marisa because she is knowledgeable about more than just acupuncture and I feel like she treats me as a whole person rather than simply treating my symptoms. I look forward to my appointments with her, because she is so positive and thoughtful, giving me advice on nutrition and sleep hygiene as well as connecting me with additional resources. Marisa is such a generous soul. I never thought I'd enjoy being stuck with needles, but I just feel so good every time I leave her office.

A. C.

Mom of two

I came to Marisa with a worsening hip and thigh problem that developed as a result of a car accident in my youth. The orthopedist tried to convince me to get a hip replacement. Trying to avoid surgery, I went instead for 30 treatments of physical therapy. Unfortunately I didn't get the result I hoped to see. My wife then suggested acupuncture. I never thought to have needles stuck into my body, but my mind changed after my first session with Marisa. A few sessions showed more effect on my body than all 30 sessions of physical therapy. I feel like I've regained so much mobility that I could do ballroom dancing with my wife. Thank you Marisa!



After cancer surgery, it was suggested that I might want to consider acupuncture in addition to radiation therapy. My father was a surgeon and he had always admired Chinese medicine. My hospital had a connection with the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine so I began going to their clinic for acupuncture treatments. Amongst the many competent interns, one was in a category of her own, not just for her touch and technique, but for her holistic outlook. I then followed Marisa Anaya when she opened her own practice and have been seeing her ever since. Her technique is flawless. In addition, Marisa offers what I call "life tips” and suggestions about nutrition and body movement. Marisa is a remarkably gifted practitioner, as well as an empathetic individual.
I would follow her anywhere!



I wholeheartedly recommend Marisa as an acupuncturist. She is clearly knowledgeable and always knows the correct course of action to take based on symptoms and a thorough inquiry regarding the discomfort. She has helped me tremendously towards a healthier and pain-free life. I’ve recommended several people to her and all have been helped in a profound way. To me, Marisa has a natural gift for healing and that is something I’m grateful for.

Don Andreasen

Writer and Professor